The watch stand, the novelty of this end of year by Kronokeeper!

Posted on1 Month ago

Your precious watch will not run anywhere, and will finally have a place of choice and will be highlighted as it should!

We all have the same problem with our “tocante”, when we go home at night, we do not want to put it in the safe or in a box for the night while we probably put the next morning.

That's why your watch expert has developed the watch stand to make your life easier while taking care of your watches. The open end of the watch's cushion facilitates the assembly or disassembly of the watch. Keep it on your desk, chest of drawers, nightstand, or even in a safe.


The Kronokeeper watch stand with its suede cushion will gladly welcome your most precious timepiece, for long or short periods of time and keeps the watch in an ideal position to easily read the time like a small desk clock.


A sandblasted steel base and a suede cushion, available in three colors (Gray, Blue and Burgundy) will fit perfectly with your interior.


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